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Blox Theme with Lifetime Support and Updates

Blox Theme with Lifetime Support and Updates

Blox Theme with Lifetime Support and Updates

We did not intend it, but there is so much demand for it. So for those who are interested, we offer a Lifetime Blox Theme License for a short period. You will receive the latest updates forever and we provide priority support.

At this moment we are working on the latest adjustments of Blox Theme 2.0.0 and of course 1.0.6. If version 2.0.0 comes out, the website of Blox Theme will change completely, in the meantime, you will see some adjustments. The forum will disappear from our website and change to Blox Theme Community (on discordapp This gives us many more possibilities.

The Blox Theme Community support is for the community, so you can be helped quickly with small questions. If you encounter serious problems, you can at any time open a support ticket where our support team is ready for you.

All Blox Rocket Blocks are out of beta. So can finally be sold on our extend page. However, we want to make documentation and create demos per plugin. We also have our own plugins ready, such as the animation block and a block for front page editor. A new menu block is in the making, where you can do more expansions, but more about this later.

We are going to tackle our Blox Theme Community server quickly so that the community can really use this. For Lifetime customers, there is the possibility of direct contact. We will create separate sections for these users with a live chat from our support.

On YouTube, various installation videos will be released in the coming period, followed by videos with demonstrations. If you follow our Facebook page, we will also post it on it.

And another important step is to finally fill the documentation. This took too long and we thought that with version 2.0.0 we had everything ready. But we will also set up complete documentation for version 1.0.0 – 1.0.6. This will, therefore, consist of two parts, namely 1.0 and 2.0. We want to maintain Blox Theme 1.0 because the new Blox Theme 2.0 will work completely differently. It is possible to upgrade from version 1.0.6 to version 2.0.0 immediately.

We are going to arrange it step by step for you. And so make Blox Theme big.

Update: Some little changes in the text Blox Theme Community

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