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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the most frequently asked questions we get. As we are just starting the page is still quite empty
and will be filled in the course of time. Have a question? please contact us.


Do I install Blox Theme on my computer?
Blox Theme is a web-based application that resides on your website and not your computer. This means that you can use Blox Theme on any operating system and on any computer in the world.
How do I get started?
At first you must get a domain name and web hosting. Then you can install WordPress on this web host. After this you can install Blox Theme within WordPress. See our documentation for more info. 
My theme is not working with Blox Theme
Blox Theme is a Theme and not an plugin. You can use Blox Theme to make your own template/theme. 


Can I use WooCommerce?
Of course! Simply add a Content Block and you can add your store and WooCommerce to that page.
Is BuddyPress working with Blox Theme?
Yes, we support BuddyPress with Blox Theme. See our documentation for more info. 
Can I use WordPress multi-site
Yes, Blox Theme is compatible with WordPress Multi-Site.  See our documentation for more info. 

More FAQ will follow in the future.

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