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Almost there… (update)

Almost there… (update)

Almost there… (update)

We uploaded the website.
Blox Theme version 1.0.0 is ready.
Community website is ready.

But we have to wait for approval for payment gateway. Here in the Netherlands we need approval for selling on the internet. They are checking our website: for the terms, adresses, VAT, the product, etc…

This is taking more time then we expected, however, we will update this blog when we know more.

Update 1

Just got some news after the checkup from payment gateway. We need to update our SSL security certificate and the plugin needs some updates. We are working hard to get this done. Sorry for the delay.

Update 2

At this moment we are updating our server as this is needed for the new certificate, and to have latest security updates. The plugin was outdated and was made by another company. This is more work then we expected, but we are almost there.

Update 3

Updates are done; now we testing for our self. Then we will put our website up for review by the payment gateway company. We hope they will review it quickly.

Update 4

03 November 2016: Today our website was reviewed, but there still are some minor changes to be made. We will do everything in our power to get this website up and running. We wanted all kinds of payments-some countries like the Netherlands don’t use credit cards-but pay with Ideal. And in Belgium and Deutschland they use another system. For all these systems there are rules. We did read them of course, but when they review it, they want other locations for the terms. We now have changed everything, we hope, and put our website up for review. They know we are on a deadline, but they are very busy with lots of other websites to review.

We know you are all waiting for it. And we are going live soon. If you have any questions please contact me

You can update the website from Beta without any big changes. It’s safe to use the Beta if you need to work on a project. We did test this and its 100% safe.

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4 Responses to Almost there… (update)

  1. That’s really long !!
    I’m wainting until this morning 🙂

    I need to go, i hope when i come back tonight it will be open !

    • working on it, sorry for the delay

      • Couldn’t this stuff have been done before launch date? ?

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