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Architect for Blox Theme is here

Architect for Blox Theme is here

Architect for Blox Theme is here

The popular plugin form Headway Themes “Architect” is also available for Blox Theme. Architect is an all-in-one content layout plugin for making dynamic, content driven layouts like sliders, galleries, grids, carousels, tabular, accordions, tabbed, masonry and more.

Features include:

  • Responsive to screen size and adaptive to the device.
  • Animate content elements
  • Dummy content when you don’t have user content
  • Focal point respect to prevent “chopped off heads” in images
  • Filtering and sorting on Masonry layouts
  • Portable between sites and themes
  • Built-in preset designs or design your own
  • Extensible by developers

Architect is a powerful tool and so is more suited to experienced WordPress users

Visit the Architect website

Visit the Architect demonstration site

Architect on special

You can currently get Architect for 25% off! In celebration of the season, and Blox compatibility, if your use the discount code BLOXMAS25 to purchase Architect at the Pizazz Shop, you will get 25% discount. This offer expires on 1st January, 2017.

Please note: Architect works with ANY theme, not just Headway and Blox. So, if you’ve moved in a different direction, Architect is still good for you.

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