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Blox Theme Affiliates

Blox Theme Affiliates

Blox Theme Affiliates

Help spread the word about Blox Theme and get rewarded. We’ve partnered with Inscribe Marketing to offer the most advanced affiliate marketing solution available.

Earn a 25% commission on every license sold, plus qualify to earn more with sub-affiliate commissions. 

Visit Inscribe Marketing – BLOX Theme to sign up today.


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4 Responses to Blox Theme Affiliates

  1. This would be a good step. However, there are some issues with this. On attempting to signup with Inscribe Marketing it looks as though it requires a US centric phone number (a required field). So, a European phone number doesn’t seem to make much sense in that format.

    On further investigation it states in their Ts & Cs that you cannot use the service outside of the US:

    “6.3. Marketing Region

    You may only market to regions with in the United States.”

    Is there something I’m missing here?

    • Benjamin Johnstone says:

      Hi Ray,

      Thank you for catching that. Inscribe Marketing has its roots in the US. We’ve always planned to branch out Internationally and BLOX Theme was the perfect way for us to do that. We’ve made several updates to our Terms to branch out internationally but you found a clause that we missed. I’ve updated the phone number field to accept international numbers as well. Looking forward to having you on board!

      • Thanks Benjamin,

        It just seemed at odds with the whole ethos of Blox (being European based in it’s creation). I’ll be sure to check out the new signup.

  2. I shall contact Benjamin with your questions, and let him response

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