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Blox Theme compatible with Gutenberg and PHP 7.2

Blox Theme compatible with Gutenberg and PHP 7.2

Blox Theme compatible with Gutenberg and PHP 7.2

Now that the new version of WordPress 5.0 is coming up, we have once again done the last version of Gutenberg a good test. And as expected, Gutenberg works together with Blox Theme as expected. We have not experienced any problems.

That is why we want Gutenberg to integrate more with Blox Theme in the future. With version Blox Theme 1.0.6 there will be a new content block with which you can use the Gutenberg plugin in the visual design editor. This makes it possible to design your pages directly in Blox Theme.

There will also be a new content block with which you can easily manage Elementor, WP Beaver Builder and Divi. These new blocks are immediately fluid and do not have margin or padding. If you modify the CSS for these blocks, they can be used immediately in Elementor, WP Beaver Builder and Divi. This way you can easily customize your pages at all locations.

PHP 7.2

We are working hard to make Blox Theme 100% compatible with PHP 7.2. However, this will require quite a few adjustments to the Code. However Blox Theme works well with the latest version of PHP. This mainly concerns plugins from third parties, which then do not work well together. Testing this costs us a lot of time, but we are on schedule. If we release version 1.0.6, this 98% will work with PHP 7.2. You will not notice much of this yourself and the underlying code just works. But for safety, we adjust the code so that it will be 100%. So you do not have to worry about using Blox Theme 1.0.5 with PHP 7.2.


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