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Blox Theme Update v1.0.3

Blox Theme Update v1.0.3

Blox Theme Update v1.0.3

Today we bring you the new update of Blox Theme v1.0.3 you can find the update in your dashboard on Most changes are updated scripts and a few fixes. We are started to work on the new update version v1.0.4 and hope it’s ready in 2 a 3 weeks. From version v1.0.4 we are bringing some new blocks to you, as you can read further in this blog post. From now on we can provide more updates on a regular basis. And we hope you will enjoy the use of Blox Theme more than before. On our GitHub you can always look out for updated scripts or new improvements.

The following changes are made in version 1.0.3

  • links getting-started fixed
  • fixed internal links
  • fixed Image resizer multi lang
  • fixed maintenance to correct version
  • delete files that are not in use anymore
  • license API
  • updated jquery.masonry.js v4.2.0
  • updated qtip2.js v3.0.3
  • updated scrollTo.js v2.1.3
  • updated tabby.js v0.13.0
  • updated knockout.js v3.4.2
  • updated superfish.js and minified v1.7.9
  • updated selectnav and minified v0.1
  • updated imageLoaded.js v4.1.3
  • updated Aqua Resizer v1.2.2
  • updated Waypoints v4.0.1
  • updated FlexSlider v2.6.4
  • updated WooCommerce Functions
  • updated HTML5 Shiv v 3.7.3
  • updated FitVids v1.1
  • updated hoverIntent v1.9.0
  • updated Sticky-Kit v1.1.2
  • updated pep.js v2017
  • updated ace.js new Live CSS editor
  • updated jQuery
  • updated CKEditor v4.7
  • changed default css / need some more updates

Next Release Blox Theme v1.0.4

  • WooCommerce 3.0 Blocks for all elements
  • Expand Ace.js (Live CSS editor) choose color, fonts, themes dark/light
  • new Parallex jQuery script, Script Stellar.js is outdated
  • new wysiwyg Block with inline editing
  • more php7 fixes to get the 100%
  • we are looking to intergrade hw-to-blox into Blox Theme, we are working close with Johnathan.Pro

We are also working with the new look and feel of Blox Theme, we want to make it more from this time and with better windows. And we will bring responsive grid to Blox Theme where you can choose between different platforms how your website will look like. In the meanwhile, we are working on the upgrade Blox Theme version 2.0.

How to install?

First make a Backup from your complet website. This update has to be installed manually. You must unzip “” and replace the folder bloxtheme with the bloxtheme on your website server. You can write over the files (replace). The bloxtheme folder is located in /wp-content/themes/bloxtheme


From this version, you can put your license key into Blox Theme. This is not a must! Blox Theme will always work without the license key. But when you use the license key, you get automatic updates for that website.

At this moment our server is not ready for the license keys, we are working on it to get this done. So sorry for this but we wanted to have this update out in the open as promised. We will post a blog post when our server is ready so you can use your license keys. If you get the message that your license is inactive, then this is a feature. If our server can handle the license keys, you can activate and deactivate your license keys in your website control menu.

Blox Rocket blocks and templates

All the Blocks and templates fromHeadway Rocket are converted to Blox Rocket. But we have a small issue the computer from Chris Rault is broken en it is difficult to communicate with him at this moment. We need to communicate with him about prices and upgrades. When he is back online and we have a chat we will bring up the Marketplace where you can buy these plugins and templates or upgrade/download. We will follow up with this on a new blog post


If you want to sell plugins or templates you can use our marketplace for this. You can sell them on your own website and we will advertise on, or we can sell it for you and pay you on a monthly basis. If you want to make tutorials for free or sell, let us know we can advertise for you on our website. We can do this on the Marketplace and a special blog. Did you make a Blocks or Templates for Headway Themes and want to convert them, we will do this for you for free, so you can sell your old Blocks and Templates. Please contact us for further details.

We hope you will have a great weekend, and testing out our new version. Talk to you all soon for version 1.0.4 🙂


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  1. Mike Allen says:

    Glad to see this update and really looking forward to 1.0.4 and php7 fixes! Thanks for the updates!

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