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Convert your HW template to Blox Theme

Convert your HW template to Blox Theme

Convert your HW template to Blox Theme

When we hit version 1 of Blox Theme, there will be automatic conversion for older templates. But with Beta testing it’s very easy to modify your templates to use with Blox Theme.

I did this conversion with a clean install of WordPress. First you need to export your text and images with the tools from WordPress Export.


After that, go to your Headway Theme – Templates and export the current Template.


For export you can give it a name and version. If you got an image for your template upload this.


The download will start. Open your .json file into a text editor. We use coda for this.


  1. Search in the .json file for “hw” and change this to “bt”
  2. Search for “headway” and change this to “blox”



Go to your new wordpress install and import the .xml file. This will put all your pages and post into the new install.


Install Blox Theme if you didn’t do this already and go to Blox Themes – Templates. And import the .json file.


Activate your new template, and your done


This is only for beta testing. We are building a automatic script that will import older templates. We also made a screencast for this tutorial.


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7 Responses to Convert your HW template to Blox Theme

  1. Paul Harwood says:

    Is it possible, or will it be possible, to upload the Blox theme to the same WordPress install as Headway and then export the Headway template and import it into Blox?

    Or will this only work with a new WordPress install?

    • yes this must work, keep everything on the same place. Export your template, change hw and headway. Deactivate Headway and activate Blox Theme, import your .json. You can use this side by side. Nothing get lost because headway is still in the database.

  2. Joel Rendall says:

    For conversion to work does it need to be headway 3.x or can it also convert from headway 4? Exciting!

    • sorry for the late reply, you can only convert from HW3.8.8 or HW 3.8.9

  3. It is possible to downgrade your HW4.0 to HW 3.8. After you have done that, then you can convert to Blox.

    Make sure to backup all your stuff. HW template, database etc., before you begin. The plugin; is also a really easy way to backup your whole installation in one fell swoop.

  4. To add, I just successfully downgraded a HW 4.0.7 to HW 3.8.9 in preparation to for conversion to Blox. After backing up the theme template, I overwrote the WP HW theme folder via FTP with 3.8.9 files.

    It was somewhat messed up looking, but nothing major. What I also did was save the CSS from the theme editor while still at 4.0.7, then copying it into the Custom CSS area for 3.8.9. This fixed most of the issues. I then used the 3.8.9 style editor to fix the remaining inconsistencies.

    To note, because V4.0.7 merges both HW generated CSS with your own Custom CSS, you may want to go through it and clean up the lots of CSS rules that become unnecessary or redundant when added to 3.8.9.

    Now ready to convert to Blox!

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