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Finally a new Blox Theme update

Finally a new Blox Theme update

Finally a new Blox Theme update

The new version is almost ready, we test, test and test it, and yes everything is working. We must do one final last thing and that’s woocommerce support. We totally forgot this and it is a must for the next release. woocommerce has changed with version 3.0 and we need to implement this. Some of you already has done this with the help from our support, and so we must make an mechanism to check this.

What did we do, and what is changed?

  1. All jquery scripts are updated
  2. The text block had a small bug for some systems and we have fixed it
  3. All blocks from Blox Theme have new scripts and has been updated, like the slider, image, text and custom code
  4. New CSS live editor
  5. Started with PHP 7.1 compatibility (needs more work for future updates)
  6. Small bug fixes that came from support, you can read this in the readme file
  7. The license is back
  8. Automatic updates

Overall the visual editor is 20% faster then before, we did delete unused files and with smaller jquery files everything feels much better.

Todo list

  • Update the website
  • new secure paypal plugin
  • new installation of Frontend submission from easy digital download
  • new templates from Blox Theme
  • new Blocks from Blox Theme
  • Templates from BloxRocket
  • Blocks from BloxRocket
  • WooCommerce implementation
  • Newsletter upcoming updates
  • Roadmap for upcoming 1.0.x version
  • Roadmap for Blox Theme v2.0.0
  • Online Tutorials
  • Online Documentation
  • Online Event with live youtube Q&A

What took you so long?

We did focus on version 2.0, and we wanted to release this as soon as possible. We started with building from the old code and build on that. But we notice we have a totally different way of programming, and we get bug after bug. Some scripts a rewritten from top to bottom. So we had to make decisions. In may 2017 we started with a clean code 0 lines and build from there. This cost us so much time, and you all want updates and communications. Where to start, so we go two ways, Sander is building 2.0 and it’s 100% compatible with Blox Theme 1.0.3, so when it’s ready it is a normal update but complete new program. Everything will work like you know Blox Theme. But it has so much improvements we will sum this up later this year. This version will be released in January 2018, in the meanwhile we are going to update version 1.0.3 and get all your websites ready for the new Blox Theme version 2.0. This means there are upcoming new features in the 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 etc.

And there was one more thing it took so long, I had decided to fully work on Blox Theme, but when the updates took so long and the community not trusting us, sales went down. So I had to take some projects on the side to get food on the table. So if shot some weddings and made, even more, Blox Theme websites. Also working on my YouTube channel to get some small pays from Google.


We are aware of this and you are all right, and I must apologize for this. You need better communication, and you must know where we are working on. And we are going to do this, we said this before but now it’s time with this new version. We get automatic updates true the Blox Theme menu, and you will have more updates, if we fix a bug you get an update for this.

So can you all wait for a week? Let’s set a date 29 sep 2017 we are going to release the new update. You must do this update manually and the releases after that will be automatic. Before the 29ste we will update the GitHub so you can test this version before release. We will keep you updated on this blog post. Please if you have any question mail us or make a support ticket.

We are looking forward, and we hope you still have a week patience

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6 Responses to Finally a new Blox Theme update

  1. Hi Maarten,
    It’s great to get such an update for Blox. Looking forward to your Blox code updates, roadmap and our mutual success.

  2. Maarten,

    I am praying for your success, which will lead to our success. To be honest, I had been ‘looking’ at other theme builders, but there is only one true theme builder – Blox/Headway. It amazes me how others will find something that they feel works similar for them, but when I check them out, the theme seems to rely on their own content builder, or they push you to use another content builder with it. Keep going, you’re fighting the good fight.


  3. Keep on the good work Maarten!, you guys are doing a good job! Together with my colleague we run about 100 websites based on Blox/headway, we rely on you with confidence!

  4. Titi Yulihastuti says:

    I’m waiting for this update, i don’t care about refund anymore! good luck!!

  5. Frank Gomez says:

    I’m so relieved. I’ve been told to drop Blox many times. How can I drop the best theme on the market?

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