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First online Blox Theme websites

First online Blox Theme websites

First online Blox Theme websites

So good to see that Blox Theme users, converting there Headway Themes website to Blox Theme. And the first website are live on the internet. This makes us happy. Most people have no problems with converting there template to Blox Theme, there are some small glitches like widgets must be replaced (but this is more WordPress related) And some users had to change the header. The positive news is, that it works smoother and faster. We have some copy and past testimonials from Facebook Blox Theme Users.

If you want to give us real reviews or testimonal, please contact us or mail us with your website URL/Picture. We want to make a testimonial section on the frontpage. Do you want your website up on the showcase, please let us know.

The first 2 website


  • Well done to everyone involved in getting this amazing project off the ground. As a heavy duty HW user it was great to see you provide a light at the end of the tunnel. Very pleased to be here
    j. Gweyer
  • Just converted my second site using the instructions in the original blog post. I did all of this in a few minutes and all is well with the conversion. I’m now on Blox with both my sites and am glad the Headway trial is over!
    B. Brown
  • I purchased BloxThemes. To me that's worth an annual Blox update fee. Most every good software company requires annual subscriptions. In my opinion the Blox team has quickly communicated to the forum. What's that worth to you?
    L. Rampulla
  • I can say that for me the Blox is (based on Headway features) a better and more flexible option
    M. Knezevic
  • I was waiting, hoping, praying... that Headway get back on its feet, but instead God sent me Blox instead of Headway. I am very happy now and you others will be too, you'll see it
    I. Delic
  • Works great, seems super speedy! Not sure if it's your server or optimized software but seems much smoother than Headway but at the moment identical in features. Looking forward to more responsive design tools.
    J. Rendall
  • Just FYI - I just did a live site conversion from HW to Blox and it couldn't have gone more smoothly 😀 (thanks BloxTheme crew)
    K. K. Spit

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