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Lot’s of Questions about Blox Theme

Lot’s of Questions about Blox Theme

Lot’s of Questions about Blox Theme

Let me start with some happy good news. Today we got our 100th Blox Theme user, and we welcome you to our Blox Theme family. We are so glad that the hardcore Headway Themes users are using Blox Theme instead of Headway Themes. This is great news and a good startpoint to grow for the future.

With the following blogpost i want to give you some inside news and let you know what we are going to do in the future. And the first blogpost is to clear some up. I want to answer some questions that i found on the internet the last few days. We all know that people are looking for a replacement for Headway Themes. And that Blox Theme is a new player in the field. So i’m going to quote some questions that i found to clearup some rumors.

Before i start with the Q&A i want to let you know we are on track with the update and updates from the website. This week i will post serval post about what we are doing and what is new. It seems the problems for the automatic update are solved and we are doing some test before we give it out to you. Also the website updates and the long awaiting Roadmap is coming this week.


What kind of support would ever be available and if in fact, Blox would get updates, improvements, etc or just end up dying on the vine as well..

You can get support on different ways. The best way is to open an support ticket from the dashboard. Most of the times you get a quick response. We are located in the Netherlands so sometimes there is a time difference. But support will always answer within 24 hours. Yes Blox will get updates on regular bases, we improve and fix founded bugs. And no we wil not dying. I can simple explain this, we also need Blox Theme and need to expand Blox Theme. We use Blox Theme by our own on daily basis. Also you can mail me all the times on or contact us on Slack and Facebook


It would be great to know if anyone has tried switching a site built in Headway 3 to Blox. If so – how does the “transfer” between them work?

Can you just install Blox and switch and the site will look the same? Or do I have to rebuild the whole layout with Blox. Or something in between?

There are different ways to convert your Headway Theme to Blox Theme. The best way is to export your template, you get an .json file. In this file you have to change hw to bt and headway to blox. If you got a large website you also can change the database tables. Some of our users have Blox Theme and Headway Themes side by side and switch between them. The last way (not yet available) is our conversion script. This script can do two things, change the database or do the same search and replace. This script will work automatic or as standalone.

Or, if you think this is to difficult, you always can ask us for the conversion, we can discuss this on e-mail or skype


I’m not finding any reviews on Blox… anyone who’s using it, can you please keep us updated on your progress / thoughts?

There are some reviews see our Blox Theme Users Group on facebook. Also in our showcase the first websites that are created with Blox Theme. Most of our clients are positive about using Blox Theme. It is must faster then Headway does. On our Slack group has also some reviews. But big review websites are waiting for the next update to review it. But you all know how Headway Themes worked before? So you know how Blox Theme is working, but now with better support and updated code.


When will the new documentation pages be ready? Nervous to make a switch when assured that Blox is “working great” but the documentation isn’t there yet?

Sorry to hear you don’t have a sandbox or trial license- so many of us are feeling burned by the HW status and are anxious about which basket we put our eggs in next.

From now on we are going to update our documentation pages. We ahve some people waiting to write some tutorials and manuals. I know this has taken to long but we are working on this. No we don’t have trial license, If you want to Try Blox Theme you can use the Yes we know what Headway has do to you all. But sorry we are not Headway Themes. And we know you have to earn trust, and we hope to get this from you.


I’ve just looked further into the Blox site and found that it’s supporting Architect. That’s a block from someone who dumped loyal customers with their previous blocks. I’m not falling for that again!

Please contact Chris Howard, for this, he can explain what the problem is. Some people ask me about renew there plugins (Extend/Blocks/Templates). Don’t do this on the website from Headway Themes. They don’t pay the people who made the plugins (Blocks)


Second, if Headway is dead and they have thousands of sites out there through all of us, why would someone like BLOX not want to jump in with both feet and create a transition plan/program to move everyone over? This seems like a no-brainer if you are looking to build a business…there is a tidal wave of opportunity sitting in front of them right now. So why aren’t they responding? Are they unstable as well? Are they not as far along as they are leading us to believe? Are they really not that compatible to Headway? There’s more behind the curtain here we aren’t being told.

We didn’t want to take over Headway. And also not agrassive way. Yes we know there are ways to do this. But we wanted to look at where this is going. Now it is the time go for it. Headway Themes does not response on any mail or do not support by there self anymore. I believe there will be no updates anymore. So no we are not unstable, we loved using Headway Themes. And yes we could life side by side, with our fork we are going a different direction, and another approach. And no we don’t read all headway forums everyday anymore sorry. We read alot of these on the Headway forum and on Facebook. You always can discuss this with us, mail us


With regards to Blox, I’ve done a lot of reading. Why did Blox NOT hire the Headway employees who didn’t get paid? I also would have honored all Headway licenses if I was running Blox. After all, the code Blox took was paid for by Headway users.

Before we even started with Blox Theme, it was already a mess with Headway Themes months before. So some of the old team already doing some different jobs. Also we are a startup company, and i already invested in PHP developers and much time for the website. Before you can hire someone you must make money. I hope you all understand this, and we still get help from them on Facebook and on Slack, they are still with us, and i’m really thankfull for that.

It is not that simple “took the code from Headway” I cost me a lot of time and money to get Blox Theme up and running. You don’t pay for the code, you pay for the support we are giving and the community and some extra’s like Templates, extra Blocks, Documentation. If you want you can download Blox Theme and use it. The same for Headway Themes, you can install it on any server no questions asked. This is all about the GPL license.


There is a new clone called Blox out there in the Netherlands that is uncertain…did they just copy the easy structure to capture some licenses or do they have a real company with solid development and support? No one seems to know

When someone Fork a product, it start with a copy of the code. SO yes, we copy the code and change some code, and we updated the code. We are a real company, our company name is United 7, you can check this on the contact page. We have office business license. We are in business from 1 march 1999 as a graphic design company. And no i’m not alone, we have 2 developers, Sander and Jan. They work on Blox Theme. Of you contact Blox Theme you get me (Maarten Schraven) i’m the men who does the communication in our company. We are located in The Netherlands, but we have some nice people who help us arround the globe, with writing text/support.


That’s all for now

These are some questions i found on the forums from Headway Themes. I’m not always there to read all the complains of Headway Themes. My focus is on Blox Theme now. And we are getting there. We are going to update the website with some great new text. We have some nice landingpages ready. And offcourse the roadmap/affiliate/Marketplace. If you got any question or doubt please contact me, we are here for you

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5 Responses to Lot’s of Questions about Blox Theme

  1. The more information the better. We never heard from the Headway folks and now we’re all a bit nervous. I’m all in. I bought the developers license and I’ll do whatever I can to help make Blox successful. Good luck and keep us informed.

  2. Thanks Marteen. I am looking forward to your road map. I understand there’s lots on your plate, but as a licensed HeadwayThemes users, with paid-up support, I’m needing some comfort about where Blox is going? Glad you and your group are keeping the ball rolling.

  3. Jose Velasquez says:

    I’ve been with Headway Themes since the beginning and for me, Headway is one the best framework so far. The idea of creating a theme where you can design more instead in coding. I see that you are following the same path and applause your effort in believing that the way to go. As Peter mentioned I still have an active license and I see that you offer will expire Feb 27 for all HW user. Maybe you can extend your love extending the offer for all HW users and gain more user for Box Theme.
    Anyway, it’s good to know that you are taking the post from Headway and keep the project alive.
    BTW, Marteen, if you need any help, let me know.

  4. I’ve tried many site builders and always fall back to this. I’ve bought a licence and am building right now.

    Please keep this product under development.

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