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News from Blox Theme

News from Blox Theme

News from Blox Theme

It’s been a long time we posted a blog, because we are so busy with the new version Blox Theme version 2.0. We had the idea to bring you a totally new updated Blox Theme. But this is taken more and more time then we did expect. And yes we told you this before “we know”. We take to much for a first big update, so we must make a decision right now.

Last week we had a meeting with the developers, we needed to get together and work on this problem. We have big plans for Blox Theme and want to make it the best Template Builder there is. We also want to get lose from Headway Themes and go our own way. With this plan, we started to make Blox Theme ready for the future and make it 100% working with PHP7. We had to write new code and delete a lot of old code from Headway. When we did this we want that our customers use their old templates working with the new version.

We are getting there but this is taken a lot of time and many hours to get this done.

So we want to work on this new version but keep you all happy, that’s why we are going to take a different approach. This week and the next week we are going to bring you small updates from Blox Theme. The small updates will have some bug fixes and some new Blocks. In the meanwhile, we are working on the next release Blox Theme version 2.0. You can all help us with this if you got a small suggestion or bug you want to fix, leave a comment or open a support ticket. Then we can try to get this fix for a new release. If you want to write some code, you can help us also with this, we have a version on github, and we are going to updates this with the latest code.

Beta release

Next month we are going to release a beta for the next version, you can also download this on github. You can comment the release on Github so our coders can work on this. We want to remind you that Blox Theme is Open Source, with your subscription you help us to get a new release and you get support from us. If you don’t need support you can always download the latest version from Github.

Extended Blocks

We get lot’s of questions over the extend Blocks from Headway and if they work with Blox Theme. Not out of the Box, but most Blocks are converted to Blox Theme. This week we are planning to get out the new marketplace. With the marketplace, we also present the Blox Rocket Blocks. They are now working with Blox Theme. If you got Blocks and want to sell them you can use the marketplace to promote your Blocks.


Last blog post we talked about the roadmap, at this moment we have some big ideas on paper and not digital. Also this is changing many times. We know some of you need something to work with. So we are going to publish our roadmap the end of the week.

Next release Blox Theme v1.0.5

  • License Key for Blox Theme
  • new inline text editor, change your text in the design editor
  • bug fix parallax scrolling
  • bug fix text block wysiwyg
  • updates jquery

Next release Blox Theme v1.0.6

  • Fix pagination
  • More control for the gutter
  • Wrapper full height

Some big lines for Blox Theme v2.0.0

  • 100% PHP7
  • Faster site load
  • New layout backend Blox Theme
  • New CSS Editor
  • New javascript and PHP editor
  • Responsive devices in backend
  • Better WooCommerce implantation (with the new version 3.0)
  • Place your Blocks anywhere you want
  • New slider and image Blocks
  • New Maps Block
  • New Menu Block also for responsive design and easy to adjust
  • New Wrapper presets, and save your own presets
  • New forms block, works also with Contact 7 forms and Gravity forms
  • New Animate every item on the page
  • New Portfolio/Grid Block
  • New Maintenance options so your website visitors can see you are working on the website
  • New Login Block
  • New Social media Block and Share Block
  • Less Javascripts
  • Less CSS and Compression
  • Gradient in Designeditor
  • Compression images
  • Side by side wrappers
  • Option Page with lot’s of option to switch on or off
  • Lock for Blox Theme with Password
  • Better integration with Elementor, BeaverBuilder, CSS Hero and WP Rocket
  • And much more ….

Some ideas where we are working on. But if you think we are missing something, please make a comment or a support ticket and we are going to look at it.


Our website needs some updates, and the documentation is coming to Blox Theme, Also we are making some tutorials and YouTube video’s. Going to make a special channel for Blox Theme and if you have a video to share, please let us know.


Also this week, you can download a new plugin from (Evans). With this great plugin you can convert your Headway Thems to Blox Theme versy easy with some clicks. We are going to make a special Blog about this plugin and also with a youtube video.


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4 Responses to News from Blox Theme

  1. A great blog post with news we want to hear. It’s important that you have such a vision for the next major version of Blox Theme. I like each item on your road map, especially to ensure Blox is fast, robust and compatible with page designers such as BeaverBuilder, DIVI… and popular WordPress plugins.

    Another important, near term, goal is to capture as many existing Headway Theme users as possible, before they get committed to a competitive theme. Existing Headway users are your best new customers and are low-hanging fruit, in marketing terms. The longer to you take to provide a robust conversion solution, Headway to Blox, the less return on investment will result (for both you and your customers). So, it is awesome to hear about your plugin. Hopefully, you have a mailing list of existing Headway users for promotional purposes.

    Please put your main focus on making existing Headway users happy, productive and confident. Blox version 2 is great to have on the horizon. I, for one, need to migrate my Headway sites to a PHP 7 compatible version of Blox ASAP, without any extra invested time. My existing clients won’t pay me anything (or little) to migrate an existing working website to Blox. From my customer’s point of view, their website looks no different on Blox or Headway, so it has no value to them. All the value is for Blox Themes to have a fast growing customer base that’s primed for renewals and up-sell revenue.

    Maarten, your blog post is good news. I hope you can keep the posts coming with actionable news. Thanks.

    • Agreed on all accounts Peter O.

      This is good news and the roadmap is really great to see, ensuring that Blox is definitely going in the right direction.

      Also agreed about the Headway users. There isn’t much a community left there now, but there will be some misguided users still around who haven’t heard of the demise of Headway and will need a solution like Blox to help them out.

    • Mike Allen says:

      So good to hear this! And agree with Peter O. and Ray Dale. PHP7 is vital and so is the conversion tool. The rest is great to hear but not as immediately critical as those two items I feel.

  2. Kyle Starkey says:

    Thank you for answering to an old battered community! Keep us in the loop for future plans :).

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