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Start downloading Beta Blox Theme v1.0.0

Start downloading Beta Blox Theme v1.0.0

Start downloading Beta Blox Theme v1.0.0

After a few weeks Beta Blox Theme v1.0.0 is finally ready for download. The download is a clean fork from HW3.8.8. There are almost no changes from the original. This version is for testing system configurations and different versions of WordPress, PHP, Apache and Nginx.

We updated only some jQuery and old javascripts for more compatibility. Whe are working on the new website, with member features and great community software. When we hit version v1.0.0 of Blox Theme this will be ready, and we will be moving to then.

You must register for download, we want to know how many people download Blox Theme. We are not going to spam you with hundreds of  email messages. If you register you will be able to post in the forums on this site.

Download link

We hope you like it!


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