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Startup Blox Theme

Startup Blox Theme

Startup Blox Theme

When initially I had the idea to fork HW 3.8.8 I thought “we can do this”. I wanted to do this quickly and keep doing my own work in the mean time. This appeared to be very difficult: lawyer meetings, facebook, people to hire, new website, generating ideas for the future, it was more then I ever imagined.

I set some deadlines when to release the next beta to you all. But then things went wrong. My computer crashed and I lost some documents. They are all back again, but I lost one week with this. And with my own work I fell behind.

So I started reading about startups, and then I talked to some interesting people during the last weeks. I found a company that does invest in startups. There I pitched my idea and they liked it.

What does this mean for Blox Theme

This means I get paid for working on Blox Theme, I can keep up with my own work and I got someone who is coaching me with all this. For the investors this is a tryout for online software, and they wanted it for their portfolio. They invest into Block Theme with cash and coaching.

No big changes to begin with

The first beta will not have any big changes and is a complete copy of HW 3.8.8. All the code is documented and has changed to Blox Theme. So maybe you will be disappointed with this release, but we are going to make it up to you…


There are a lot of page builders and only a few theme builders. Most people don’t know what the difference is. We will market Blox Theme as a theme builder. We will also make it easy to use as a page builder. This can be done with blocks. You can switch blocks on or off on the option page. If you only need  a theme builder you can use the Blox theme like that.

The first release will be an exact copy of HW 3.8.8. With the roadmap we are planning on our website it’s possible to follow the changes. And with the feature request you can influence what will be in the next version.

To begin with Blox Theme is easy to work with because it is familiar. Version 1.1 has a new layout with wireframe and designer. The next version 1.2 will have the new option page and some new blocks, etc.

Our goal is to release a new version every 2 to 3 weeks, and in between you will get bug fixes and new beta releases for every new version (if you want that).

At this moment

We are working on the new website and we need you for this. The website has a normal frontend and at the back we have bbpress as forum. We are going to do the same as HW, you pay for support and the community forums, also with some free templates. Some people have offered to help with the new website. A native (English) speaker could help to make the content better. We will also be making some video tutorials and a help section. And a complete new documentation and FAQ section. Also there will be an affiliate programm.  So you see there is much to and we need all the help we can get. If you think you can help, contact us.

Beta release

Lot’s of work, but… because we are not doing as much to the first release as initially planned  we can release the beta pretty soon. We are going to do this on this website ( for the time being.

This first version has some small problems, google fonts are not working well, and there are some old files like reactor WYSIWYG (we bought this script but HW uses a very old version). Most other scripts are up-to-date.

We are not going to work with license numbers. Instead we think that when you want to use Blox Theme you need the support. And if you want regular updates and something to say, you need our website.

The google fonts used in HW have a call back to HW. It’s getting all the fonts from a list on their server. We want the list to be on your own server, so we are changing this. After this change you can also use typekit if you want to. We are still working on this feature and it will delay the next release a bit. We want it to be fast and the fonts you’re using must be on top of the list, like photoshop/illustrator and indesign do.

If you want to download the beta,  you need to make a temporary account on this website. This week you will be able to download the beta.

When we go live with the first release we will be moving to the new website

Hope you like it….

We hope you like the way everything is set up. As a user you have much more to say. We want to be open and transparent to you. With the new investor we will be able to develop some nice new tools and build those into HW the tool you all love. Frank and Patrick (our developers) are working hard to get this pushed out. They are also working on the next release. Okay that’s all for now folks!

Next blog is going to be the Beta Release 🙂

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5 Responses to Startup Blox Theme

  1. Really, really good news on the investor/s. Congratulations! I’m very much looking forward to the beta.

    Exciting times and I hope to be able to play a little part in the community going forward.

  2. [quote]If you want to download the beta, you need to make a temporary account on this website. This week you will be able to download the beta.[/quote]

    Where do we do this?????

    • You can download it this weekend

  3. Let me know at what level of native English speaking help you need. I’m happy to contribute some time. 😀

  4. dontaylor says:

    I am a former engineer and software developer with quite a bit of experience writing technical and user manuals. I don’t have a lot of time, but I would like to help out where I can. Let me know.

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