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Step by Step – Updated

Step by Step – Updated

Step by Step – Updated

We are working so hard to get everything up and running, we forget to communicate. With this blog post, we want to give you more inside information. Blox Theme wants to be open in communication. We know it all takes a long time before you get the new version. But before we can give you the next release we had to do some changes

We know it all takes a long time before you get the new version. But before we can give you the next release we had to do some changes and this is taken some more time than expected. With this blog post, we want to give you more inside info, and you can discuss this under this post. You can always mail me if you need more info. We are going to update this post.


08 March 2016

New helpdesk system is online and running. We have a small problem with incoming mail on We want an automatic ticket when e-mail is sent. But we must compile PHP again with imap. This means we need to backup the server and compile php again with imap. We are going to do this tonight.

Meanwhile, we are working on BloxRocket plugins. When we tested everything was working great, but Tim found some bugs we need to get rid of. Tim is going to work with Sander on the blocks. We also are planned to install documentor for the new manual and tutorials. We have documentation made offline and going to import this online.


Already done

  • Load balance server installed, with latest CentOS
  • MySQL server,
  • New dedicated server, with CentOS and DirectAdmin
  • Demo website for marketplace
  • Download server (external)
  • Testing Blox Theme v1.0.3. Small issues found with Easy digital Download software license
  • More info will follow this list is much longer 🙂


3 April 2017

Sorry for the long time we updated this post. But a lot is going on. And yes we are almost there for releasing the next version. I want to explain something, we wanted the next release to have the automatic update, and this is working for 95% The 5% we are missing is the websites that are using blocks from others. If you use a block from HeadwayRocket we got some problem with automatic conversion. And this is why we have some small delay with the update. But we can do smaller updates, if you all want that. So we can start with a small update and later you get the automatic conversion.

Also the marketplace had some problems nd was not working well with our easy digital download. That’s why we are now using the plugin from easy digital download and this is almost done.


Already done

  • Documentor installed and writing documentation
  • New helpdesk ticketsystem
  • Github, we are going to use github for beta testers, we are on GPL so you can download Blox Theme from GitHub
  • New server security updates
  • Compile php for imap
  • planning module for timeline and roadmap
  • layout future Blox Theme


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5 Responses to Step by Step – Updated

  1. Thanks for the transparency Maarten. Looking forward to the next update!

  2. Jonathan Gwyer says:

    Great to see an update.

    While some my find it boring, I think it would be a really good idea just to schedule 10 minutes a day to write a couple of paragraphs like you did about php and imap.

    To see updates, to see progress will boost confidence and make people feel a part of the team / community.

    I doubt I’m the only one who desperately wants to see you succeed!

  3. I agree with both of the above commenters. Really have a lot invested in Headway (and now Blox) and want you to succeed. Let me know how I can be of help. I’m very excited to see you take on this project.

  4. Great to see some updates and progress.

  5. Thanks. Keep the news coming and everyone will feel much better. The Headway issue has us all on edge. I’m glad I purchased Blox. So far so good. I’m about to publish the first few sites I’ve made with it. I’ll let you know when they are live.

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