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Blox Theme update 1.0.5

Blox Theme update 1.0.5

This is a minor but very important update for Blox Theme. We are moving to version 1.0.5. From this version we have automatic update, like all other Template Themes. From now on you get a update within WordPress. We wan to do more and more bugfixes, but everytime we need to handle two files for… Continue Reading

Update Headway to Blox theme plugin

Update Headway to Blox theme plugin

Update 20 sep 2017: There is a new update of this plugin, you can download in the dashboard You can download the new update Headway-to-Blox plugin. Some small bug fixes from the community have fixed. Just download it from your Dashboard and re-upload it to your WordPress. Please let us know if it works, you… Continue Reading

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