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The Future of Blox Theme

The Future of Blox Theme

The Future of Blox Theme

First, let me tell you this is a positive Blog post. We love Blox Theme and we are using the best template builder for our own client websites. So we need to improve Blox Theme and move to the next level. We have worked for one and a half year on Blox Theme 2.0, and it was not working very good. This cost us a lot of work with our own code, and code snippets from Headway Themes 4.0.7. A few months ago we looked again to Headway Themes 4.0.7 with some minor updates we can get this to work. And also this is not what we are hoped for. So we had converted Headway Themes 4.0.7 to Blox Theme and ask you what the most common problems are with this version. And yes we got mail 🙂

And now the good news! We almost solved 85% of all the problems, and the remaining 15% is now a work in progress. This means you can expect a new version within a few months. Before that, we are going to release some beta versions for you, and you can test this. Finally, after a few years, we now have a good version where you can work with. We need to clean up the code and update some scripts. But yes, this is looking good.

The Future of Blox Theme

After the final release, we are going to work on new blocks for this version. We are looking to expand Blox Theme to the same level as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Page Lines en Divi. The base will be Blox Theme version 2.0.0, but we will have more and more Blocks for you to work with, and you can choose to use it or to switch them off. We also going to make blocks for page builders, so you have a good header, footer and a blank canvas for these page builders. Blox Theme 2 will work the same way you are used to working with Blox Theme or Headway Theme. But we are looking for a way you never have to buy another plugin.

A very important plugin we are working on is our own Page Builder. You can work with the visual editor or go to your front page and drag and drop blocks and edit (like you should do with the design editor).

In the future, you only need Blox Theme to build any website you want. The Sky is the Limit


Yes, we know we did make some mistakes in the past. But we need to grow, to make this a great success. And that is something you can see in upcoming months, we will bring you more news, updates, and tutorials. The support is already good, I and Peter are answering every ticket and you always get a response from us. We found the path we must take Blox Theme to the next level, but we need you to help us.

Website Blox Theme

We are working on a new website for Blox Theme, and there are a few things we are going to change. For the community, we now have a forum on the dashboard, and we have Slack. Both are going to disappear and move on to Blox Theme Discord. You don’t need any serial number anymore, so we are cleaning up the front page of the dashboard.

We are now writing documents for Blox Theme v2 and making great tutorials Video and written. The extended marketplace with Blocks and Themes will finally come online. And if you buy a support license they are free. It is possible to buy every Block that you want, but if you are already a customer you get them for free.

More to come, see you at the next Blog

Update: Some users are concerned that Blox Theme is going a different way, and will work different or break their websites. 

This is not the case, Blox Theme will work the same, but we will extend with extra blocks. You have the choice to use the new blocks or work the same way you are used to.

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4 Responses to The Future of Blox Theme

    • Gutenberg will have no problems at all. We have tested this with both versions and found not an issue.

  1. Contrats to Maarten & Associates!

    Sounds like you’re moving in the right direction.

  2. Michael C says:

    Thank you for your hard work in salvaging HW4, and hopefully making it into something much better. I like the idea of a Blox page-builder, but try to avoid the bloat of Divi and Visual Composer, and the shortcode mess when deciding to deactivate. BB and Elementor have added a themer, but it is separate from the WP theme, so now you need 3 things to make the whole thing work. HW/Blox is so much more elegant of an approach. It also would be nice if CSS selectors added in the page-builder would instantly show up in the Blox style editor.

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