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Update Headway to Blox theme plugin

Update Headway to Blox theme plugin

Update Headway to Blox theme plugin

Update 20 sep 2017: There is a new update of this plugin, you can download in the dashboard

You can download the new update Headway-to-Blox plugin. Some small bug fixes from the community have fixed. Just download it from your Dashboard and re-upload it to your WordPress. Please let us know if it works, you can comment or open a support ticket.

Or click on the button below the youtube video. It is free for download

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16 Responses to Update Headway to Blox theme plugin

  1. This is Great News. Does this also “catch” the scripts and widgets etc.?

    AND does it also work when there is a child theme involved?

    • Yes it must copy the scripts and the widgets. But with child theme i don’t know sorry

  2. Adrian Taropa says:

    Tried it with child themes and it does not work. I saved the current design as a template in HW, and imported it so it is running a template. I then activated blox and visited the HW to BT menu item. The page was blank.

    • Oke, i will report this, so they can fix it. If we got an update i will post it here

      • Andrew Maney says:

        Is there an update on how to convert a Headway site using a Child Theme yet?

        Do I convert the Child theme back into a HW template (as above) then convert?

    • Andrew Maney says:

      Steps to converting a Headway Site using a Child Theme.

      Step 1:
      Upload the latest version of Blox Theme, then install the ‘HD to BT’ plugin.

      Step 2:
      Activate the new Blox Theme instead of your current Headway child theme.

      Step 3:
      Activate the ‘HW to BT’ plugin, and go to the new HD to BT menu in your dashboard. Make sure ‘Include Widgets’ is checked, and then select the Parent Headway Theme (Not Child) from the drop down menu. Click on the ‘Start Conversion’ button.

      Step 4: Now go and reactivate your Child Theme and magic should happen.

      • Andrew Maney says:

        Forgot to mention in STEP 4:

        Update your child theme to now use Blox.
        By updating your style.css file in your child theme.

        Very important to update the ‘TEMPLATE:’ from ‘TEMPLATE: headway’ to ‘TEMPLATE: bloxtheme’

        THEME NAME: Your Theme Name
        AUTHOR: Your Name
        DESCRIPTION: This is a child theme for Blox. It is used for adding custom css and php code.
        TEMPLATE: bloxtheme

        STEP 5: Delete Headway. If you do not see the Blox Menu option after deleting Headway. Activate the Parent Blox Theme (this will make the Blox menu appear) then reactivate your child theme.

  3. erna braat says:

    This conversion plugin works fine including the widgets and the original titles of the images!

  4. I have a problem with it. The Footer settings all revert to default. “Powered By Blox” “Go to Top” etc. are all stuck in default settings. I tried several times to change them but they don’t save at all so I had to hide with CSS. Sorry bot I never want attribution on themes – especially not if I paid for them.
    /* FOOTER */

    • What kind of blocks are you using in the footer? And did you try one site or more?

  5. Michael Caulton says:

    The plugin installed Ok, but I get this error when trying to activate; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[‘ in /home/csp1/domains/ on line 69

    • Thanks for testing this, i will report this so they can fix it

  6. Frank Gomez says:

    Found a small bug, When converted site has “Hidden Titles” (Headway / Blox Title options) the titles reappear after the conversion.

    • Hi Frank, did you use the latest download, from yesterday or older?

  7. john biggins says:

    OMG – the new version seems to work! I’ve just successfully converted a HW site to a Blox site! Great!

    • that’s good news 🙂 And i got more good news, finnaly the next update is coming 🙂 Next week we will release 1.0.3 with all scripts updated and better php7. Also bug fixes and automatic updates. Now working on the woocommerce update into the new Blox Theme version and ready to go. I will post this on the blog

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