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What is going on … ?

What is going on … ?

What is going on … ?

In this blogpost i want to explain some things. The last months we did not communicate on the blog or in facebook/Slack. There where a few things we had to do here in the Netherlands. Some of you know that i have my own Graphic design studio near by the town Tilburg. And we have some really nice clients. For these clients i make website/graphic design and prints. The problem that i had the last few months was that i had some big assignments for my graphic design studio, and on the otherhand i have Blox Theme. So i talked to my clients that i will make these design jobs and that they would be the last i needed the income….

So i was very busy with the last jobs for my graphic design studio, so i can fully go for Blox Theme. The good news is that i’m now 100% for Blox Theme and going to make this my business. On the side i’m going to make some webdesign jobs and make these only with Blox Theme.

And there was more… We where waiting a bit for Headway Themes?!! Why you ask? My Headway License expired in 29 December, and i thought Headway is going to release a new version after this.But we can’t wait anymore on Headway and i believe Headway Themes is really done. This means our roadmap can finally going to put online, we have our own way to make Blox Theme the best template builder there is.

In the meanwhile we where working on the new release for Blox Theme. And it is almost done for 99% we are working on the automatic update from Digitaldownload. This is totally new for us and we made a mistake. We are getting this on the right track now. And when this is done we put the new version online.

All our users will get an e-mail with announcement about this new version, so you can download it from your dashboard. After this version you can automatic update from wordpress.

The following next days

The new update is not the only thing we are going to do. The next days we are going to expand our website. And in random order the following will come online

  • Affiliate system
  • Marketplace Extend
  • Headway Rocket plugins/Templates (becomes Blox Rocket)
  • New helpdesk tool, and we got help from Dakota who’s going to do support USA
  • Roadmap
  • Blox Theme free Blocs/Templates
  • Reset Template (Blank template)
  • First help documentation
  • Video tutorials
  • landingspages

Every week

From now on we will post every week a blog post on with the latest news and what we are going to work on. If you want to post a guest blog mail me and we make it possible. After 28 februari we are going to advertise on Facebook, with some nice movies.

So please give us a few days,

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6 Responses to What is going on … ?

  1. Awesome! Great to hear Maarten.

    Architect is already Blox ready of course, and I have betas for some of the other Pizazz blocks, including the discontinued ones.

    My own life has been turmoil and slowly getting back on track.

    Let’s rock 2017 with Blox, eh?!!

  2. Congrats on taking this big step! I did the same last year, dropping web design clients to focus full time on what was at the time a side project, and I wish I had made the decision sooner because it has been going very well. We’ve made more progress in the past year than we had in the previous 3 years as a side project! It is a language-learning site which I’m in the process of rebuilding on Blox (moving from Headway), so will share with Blox community when done.

    Very glad that you are now carrying the Headway->Blox torch, and I’m sure it has been a big technical challenge as well as registering the business etc. Best of luck and thanks for allowing us to continue building sites without having to significantly change our workflow! All the best 😉

  3. Rainer Maechtlen says:

    Hello Maarten,

    Thanks for the update. It is good to know how the planning looks.

    And it is a soothing feeling to know that it goes on. Take the time you need.

    Thanks for your support.

    Wish a nice weekend.

    Cheers Rainer

  4. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep your loyal customers in the loop, so excited to have a didcates owner making bloc themes the best it can be? Can we get a animated plugin extension like in headway?

    Thank you again

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