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What’s going on…

What’s going on…

What’s going on…

We are still testing the latest version, and we are cleaning up the directory’s. Old graphics almost gone and some small changes must be made.

The deadline is almost there and it’s looking good. We made installations on different servers and to be true there where some problems, that must be fixed before going Beta1.

We made some decisions for going beta1. The first version is an copy from original files without any new features. We had some problems and it’s better to have stable working version. When we hit Blox Theme version 1.0.0 we are going to make some minor changes and tweaks. So we are trying to update on weekly basis.

For version 1.1 we have some new features planned.


There will be a new website build with Blox Theme. Designs are already made, and we will show them shortly on this blog. Because we are going total GPL we are making a light version. For a small amount you can get support for the light version and it’s based for only one live website. This way we can put Blox Theme on the WordPress Theme website.

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